About IBS

IBS and its symptoms

Up to 64 million Americans suffer from IBS.

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is one of the most underestimated, widespread disorders in industrialized countries. It is characterized by chronic digestive problems that can be annoying or can even be a great physical and psychological burden for patients.

IBS patients suffer from diverse symptoms: Some patients suffer from constipation, others from diarrhea. Bloating or stomach cramps can occur repeatedly as well. Many patients experience the symptoms again and again over a longer period of time. The different symptoms can occur in alternation or simultaneously. If you believe you might have IBS, you should consult your physician for a professional diagnosis.

About Ibs

IBS and quality of life

IBS can significantly impair patients' quality of life.

IBS symptoms can be unpleasant and for many patients even highly stressful. The symptoms may even dictate the daily routine of those affected so quality of life can be significantly impaired. Therefore, improving IBS patients’ quality of life is a major part of successfully managing IBS.

In addition, many IBS patients feel left alone and not taken seriously. People with chronic intestinal problems are often ridiculed. Wrongly so: IBS is a well-accepted disorder by now and has become a major focus of gastrointestinal research. So go talk to your physician if you feel you might have IBS.

Quality Of Life
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